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Becoming More Like Iron Man By Using Energy Efficient Lighting

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Tony Stark of the avengers has some pretty sweet gadgets, right? But how much energy do you suppose it takes to supply enough power to his tower? Probably enough to light the entire city. So how does he do it? How does Jarvis stay charged without dimming all the lights in a 5-block radius? How does that giant "STARK" stay lit? The answer is simple: energy saving lighting.  Tony carefully consumes electricity by using CFL and LED lighting. He has also installed lighting controls throughout his home and work areas to prevent excessive energy consumption.

Iron Man Reduces Energy Through CFL and LED Lights

You've probably been hearing the hype about CFL (compact fluorescent lightbulbs) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. You know that this type of lighting saves energy as well as money. But do you know how it works? Tony Stark understands the science behind it, but it's simple enough that anybody can.

Energy is reduced by these alternatives to incandescent lighting because typical lightbulbs use only 10% of their energy to create light. The other 90% emits heat – which you can verify if you ever touch a bulb after it's been turned on. To preserve the energy consumption, CFL and LED lighting is used. Energy efficient lighting can use up to 80% less energy without emitting vast amount of heat, either.

Iron Man Saves Money Using Energy Efficient Lighting

While the creator of Iron Man probably installed energy efficient lighting intuitively (he probably figured reducing Malibu's power source would lead to revolts), it takes a little more effort and persuasion for the rest of the country. This is where the money savings comes in to play. Stark wasn't looking for a way to save money, but each of his energy efficient lightbulbs probably saves him $40 each year in electricity costs. Multiply that by the hundreds or thousands of lights throughout his tower and… well, you get the picture. He is saving quite a bit of money!

Iron Man Doesn't Consume When he Doesn't Need to

Have you noticed the dramatic effect of Iron Man walking into his lab? The lights automatically turn on around him, then illuminate the rest of the room. This isn't simply for dramatic effect – though with Tony Stark you can never be too sure. Self-dimming lights can save you a lot of energy and money, in addition to making you feel like you could be a superhero in a new Marvel movie.

There are quite a few options for self-dimming lights. You don't even have to use energy efficient ones, though, of course, it's recommended for best savings. The different types of automatic lights include photo, motion, or audio sensors. Photo sensors turn on when the natural lighting gets below a certain point and are great for main living areas such as the kitchen and front room. Tony Stark has them all along the outside of his tower; however, you probably want motion sensors for the outside of your home. Motion sensors only activate the lighting when someone is occupying an area. Good places for these sensors include the bathroom, office, and outside near the porch. Audio sensors are sound activated. They would also be good options outdoors.

Whatever you end up doing to save energy is worthwhile. Keep in mind that you are becoming more and more like Iron Man every day as you consume less energy, and reserve enough electricity for your neighbors and friends. Who knows, you might even have enough power to put your own name at the top of your home in big, dazzling letters! If you would like to update the lighting in your home to be more efficient, then contact a ocmpany like Dhillon Lighting Inc Designer.