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3 Methods To Clean Your Windows Like A Pro

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Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try to clean your windows, there is always a streak, mark, or smudge left behind.  Although many people clean their windows 2 times a year, most use cheap spray cleaner and paper towels which moves the dirt around and adds more static charge to the glass (resulting in the attraction of even more dirt and dust).  Three methods that you can use to more effectively clean your windows like a pro are:

  • using a microfiber towel
  • cleaning with a squeegee and sponge
  • power washing your windows

By choosing one or a combination of these 3 options, you can more efficiently clean your windows and make sure they are left with a clear and sparkling shine.

Microfiber Towel Method

Microfiber towels are cloths that are much more finely woven than just a normal rag.  In fact, these special fabrics are woven with fibers that:

  • are 1/100th the diameter of a human hair
  • have 200,000 fibers in one square inch
  • can hold up to 7 times their own weight in water or other liquids

Because the fibers are so tightly woven, they are able to be more absorbent than normal cloths and can pick up even the smallest particles of dust, dirt and grime on your windows.  To clean, you only need to use water (you cannot use normal dish soap on some microfiber rags) and should follow these steps:

  • dip the microfiber rag into very hot water to open up the fibers
  • wring out all of the excess water so that the cloth is damp but not dripping
  • wipe the entirety of your window with your cloth (you can choose to use a damp cloth, to clean the window and pick up all of the dirt and dust, and a dry cloth to pick up any leftover water that is still on the window)

Squeegee and Sponge Method

Before using this method to clean your windows, you will first need to gather or purchase some supplies.  You will need the following:

  • a squeegee that has a sharp, new rubber blade (to keep your squeegee in peak condition, be sure to replace the blade as soon as you notice that it is beginning to leave streaks on your window, and do not let anything touch the blade when storing)
  • some type of sponge or scrubber (a strip applicator, a window cleaning tool with a long cloth head, is a great option that is known to soak up a lot of soapy water)
  • lint-free rags or towels
  • a large bucket that can hold at least a couple gallons of water
  • dish soap (Ajax is a brand that works well)

After you have gathered your supplies, the next step is to begin cleaning!  Follow these steps to clean your windows with the squeegee method:

  1. Fill up your bucket with a couple of gallons of warm water and about a teaspoon of dish soap.
  2. Dip your sponge or other scrubbing instrument in the soapy water and wring out until all of the excess water is out of the sponge.
  3. Scrub the glass thoroughly until every part of the glass is covered with the soapy water solution.
  4. Starting at the top left if you are right-handed and at the top right if you are left-handed, pull the squeegee in a reverse-S pattern (if you are left-handed you will pull in a normal S pattern).  After you have completed a complete stroke, wipe off the blade with your lint-free rag.  Continue these types of strokes until the majority of the soap has been removed from the window.
  5. To remove the soap from the edges of the windows, the place where the squeegee might not have been able to reach, wipe the edges of your windows with your damp rag.

Power Washing Method

After inspecting your window to make sure that there are no holes, gaps or other damages, begin by placing a rolled up towel just inside of the window to absorb any water that might creep through.  Then, setting your power washer at the lowest power level, test spray the side of your house to make sure that the stream is not too powerful for your windows.  To clean your windows:

  • stand 5–6 feet away from the window
  • hold the power washer at a 45-degree angle pointing downward
  • starting at the top of the window, move slowly across the window, back and forth, until the entire surface of the window is sprayed

Through utilizing one or all of these window cleaning techniques, you can say goodbye to the old fashioned method of paper towels, and say hello to streekless, shining windows, like those sold new at stores like Sun Rise Windows & Doors Depot Ltd.