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Why You Should Add A Drinking Fountain A Children's Play Room

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If you have kids and there's enough available space in your home, it can be fun to hire an experienced renovation contractor to build the ultimate children's playroom. You can expect this area to be a popular spot not just for your kids but also for their friends from around the neighborhood. There are lots of things that can make a children's playroom fun for kids, but it can be enjoyable to think outside the box a little and have your contractor add some unique additions to this space. One option to consider is a drinking fountain, which the contractor can easily build into one of the walls and connect to your home's water supply. Here are three reasons to equip your new children's playroom with a water fountain.

Help With Hydration

It's important for children to stay hydrated as they play, as good hydration can lead to a long list of health benefits. A lot of kids find that it's fun to drink from a fountain. They may do so several times a day at school, and may also use water fountains when they encounter them in various buildings around your community. When you have a water fountain in the children's playroom, you can expect that the novelty of it will appeal to your kids enough that they drink some water several times throughout the day. It's reasonable to expect that they'll consume more water daily as a result of the water fountain's presence.

Less Mess

Without a water fountain, you might frequently bring your children cups of water to drink while they're playing. This task can be a slight hassle for you compared to having the convenience of the water fountain, but the bigger issue is that kids can often spill their cups. Spilled water can take a few minutes for you to clean up, especially if it soaks into the carpet or into a piece of furniture. When your kids drink from the water fountain, they won't have to handle cups that they could easily spill.

Less Dishwashing

If your kids are having a playdate with a few friends, they can all enjoy drinking from the water fountain. Without the water fountain, you'd likely supply each child with a cup of water. This results in several cups that you'll either need to wash by hand or load in the dishwasher at the end of the day. If there are several playdates throughout the week, you might be frustrated at the number of cups you're having to wash. A water fountain in the playroom dramatically reduces the number of cups that you need to wash. Contact a home renovation contractor to discuss these and other ideas for your children's playroom.