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Painting Over Tile: What You Should Know

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Tile backsplashes, bathtubs, and showers are a big thing in a lot of homes, but what do you do when you're sick of the old tile? Replacing it can be costly, but it can be painted over to give it a new look. Painting tile can be a daunting task, as you need to take the right steps in order to ensure the paint adheres properly and doesn't simply peel off or come off with the constant water in your shower or tub. If you want to paint over your tile, read on for some information to help you get this job done.

Clean The Tile

You'll want to clean the tile and grout to remove all debris that may be stuck inside, such as grease splatters in the kitchen and dust buildup. In the bathroom, tile should be cleaned to remove soap buildup and mildew from the grout lines. Clean with a strong cleaner and remove as much dirt and debris as you possibly can, then rinse it clean so you don't leave any traces of the cleaner behind.

Remove The Shine

Remove the shine from the tile by using a fine-grit sanding block. You aren't trying to sand down the tile to change the look of it, you're just trying to sand down the shine on the tile so the paint will adhere better to the tile. If the sanding block you are using is leaving scorch marks in the tile, you need to find a finer grit piece of sandpaper to use to give you a smoother surface.

Apply Primer

Apply primer to the tile. The primer will help cover the color of the tile and work as a seal to keep mold and mildew from showing through, as well as any stains that may still be on your tile or your grout. Apply the primer with a roller and a paintbrush to get in between the grooves of your tile and the grout lines. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Apply Paint

Once your primer is dry and you have seen that there are no visible stains showing through the primer, you can begin painting. Use epoxy paint or paint that specifically says it is made to cover tile. Apply the paint with the paintbrush and a roller to cover the tile thoroughly. Use thin, even coats and pay attention to things such as drip marks or brush marks. Blend these in so they aren't visible. Allow one coat to dry, then apply a second coat.

If you have tile in your home that you don't particularly care for, you can paint over it. Hire a professional painting company, such as Alpha Pro Painting Inc., to help you with this task.