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5 Reasons To Use Rubber Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Whether you manage a gym, hotel, or residential building, the pool environs can be a constant challenge. Pool decking, in particular, can require extensive maintenance and management to prevent damage and injuries. Rubber resurfacing can help minimize concerns and make pool deck management much easier.

1. Increase Safety

When it comes to pool facilities, the greatest concern is safety and liability. Slip and fall accidents on a pool deck can lead to expensive litigation and higher insurance rates. Rubber pool surfaces are secure, so they don't pose a tripping hazard, and they provide a completely non-slip surface. Further, most rubberized decks have some cushion, which can minimize or even fully prevent an injury if someone does fall.

2. Cost-Effective

Resurfacing an older pool deck with rubber is much less expensive than replacing it completely. The rubber surface will look and perform just like a new deck at a fraction of the cost. Further, it will save your bottom line when it comes to ongoing maintenance. You may also enjoy insurance discounts with the installation of a new rubber decking surface. 

3. Better Durability

Rubber decking is completely water-resistant. It won't break down because it is constantly exposed to moisture around the pool. It doesn't suffer from impact damages, either, nor is it prone to cracking and flaking. The result is a long-lived pool decking surface that won't need to be replaced very often, saving you money and reducing the need to close the pool for decking maintenance.

4. Low Maintenance

The only maintenance really required for rubberized decking is daily cleaning to keep the surface free of debris and dirt. It can be swept and mopped like any type of floor surface. Since rubber is able to be non-slip without heavy texturing, it doesn't tend to trap dirt as a textured concrete decking would, so it is much easier to keep clean.

5. Fully Customized

You can have rubber decking customized to suit. It can be installed in a range of colors to fit the decor of your pool area. It's even possible to combine colors for a more customized look, or you can have your branding or logo embedded in the rubber surface. Your installer can walk you through all the options so that you can design a pool deck that is both useful and attractive.  

Contact a contractor to learn more about your commercial pool deck resurfacing options.