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Want A Basement With Tall Ceilings During A Home Build? What To Know

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If you want to have extra high ceilings in the basement, but you aren't sure how to do it when you are building a house, make sure that you talk with your contractor right away. The foundation is the first part of the house that is poured, so you have to let your contractor know about any changes that you want to make before they start to dig. You may also have to get different types of approval from the county to dig deeper into the ground. Here are some of the things to talk with your contractor about, to see if you want to continue with the extra tall basement. 

Deep Foundation Structural Costs

There are extra costs associated with having a deep foundation, and you'll need screw pile installation professionals, such as Alberta Screw Piles LTD., to make sure that the foundation is stable as deep as it needs to go. Talk with the contractors to see what the extra costs will be to have such a deep basement, and how much longer it could take to pour the basement. The labor bill will be higher because they have to work longer.

Material Costs

Once you have high basement walls, it's going to cost more for all of the materials that are used in the space. You will have more drywall to pay for, longer boards for framing the space, and more piping if there will be plumbing in the space. Get an estimate for the extra material costs to make the basement walls higher in the space.

Advantages of the Tall Ceilings

There are a lot of advantages to having high ceilings in the space. The space will feel more open, you can add more features like tall arcade games or a larger viewing screen in a media room, and it's going to help you add more natural light with larger basement windows, should you choose to install them. This also allows you to put above-head beams instead of poles around the space, so you have a more open area.

If you are building a home and you know that you don't want standard height ceilings in the basement, you want to talk about it with your builder right away. This is something that they have to add into the price, plan with the build time, and they may have to get approved before they begin construction.