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Major Renovations To A Small Space: Studio Apartment Makeover Options

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A studio apartment can be a tricky space to renovate. It's small, and you might think that there are not many things you can do to change the overall design. While it's true that you are not living in a huge home, or dealing with a multi-room apartment with many bedrooms and a huge bathroom, there are still things you can do to improve the layout. And the upside of dealing with a small space is that you can get a general contractor to come in and do improvements and it won't be a super expensive proposition. However, the effect will be tremendous. Here are a few examples:

Open Up Your Bathroom

One of the big renovations you can do to your studio space is to open up the bathroom. The way you can do that is to bring in a general contractor and have them open up the room by taking down the walls that lead into the dressing space. Many studios will have a small dressing space right outside of the bathroom. In many cases, these are small rooms that can be used as a changing or dressing space, but you might want to utilize it to make the bathroom even bigger than it already is. For instance, you could remove the walls in the bathroom and make the small bathroom into a really big one that would be something you might only find in a large house. You could install a walk-in shower and a separate bathtub, which is a luxury and will add to the resale value of your home. These are major renovations to a small space, but ones that are worth it as they will complexity transform the room.

Replace The Flooring

One easy renovation, but also one that will transform the room, is to completely renovate the floor. This is something that will improve your entire room. If you have an old carpet, or damaged floorboards, or even something like bad linoleum, then you need to bring in a contractor and have them tear up the floor and then lay down nice hardwood, or else wall to wall carpet. This will make the entire space look brand new. Remember, a studio apartment is essentially a large room, so the by replacing the bad floor, you are really making a huge difference.

Hide Your Bed Discreetly

If you don't like the idea of having a bed permanently on view, then you should look into creating a space where the bed can be put away. This is important because space is of the essence in a studio apartment. You never want to use more space than is necessary. So, you can bring in a general contracting service and have them install a wall unit that can house a fold-down bed. This way, during the day, you can simply fold up the bed and have all of the free space in the room. And at night you can pull it down and then sleep on it.