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Renovating? 2 Kitchen Cabinetry Upgrades You Should Consider

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As you peruse the kitchen showroom at your local cabinetry shop, you might be more focused on price and stain color than you are about small details like door hardware. However, unless you have the money to renovate your kitchen every few years, choosing the right kitchen cabinets will make a big difference down the road. Here are two kitchen cabinetry upgrades you should consider, and how they might make your life a little easier: 

1: Built-In Organizers

Those new cabinets and drawers might look clean and organized now, but how will they look after your family starts putting away the dishes in a hurry? If you aren't careful, you might end up with doors that don't close all the way and drawers filled to the brim with utensils. Fortunately, some professional carpentry shops can create custom built-in organizers, so that you can keep your kitchen tidy. Here are a few upgrades that you should ask about:

  • Tiered Drawers: Those deep drawers might work well for holding large mixing bowls, but what if you need to use them to store kitchen gadgets? If you aren't careful, you might end up digging through a myriad of sharp objects to find that vegetable peeler. Fortunately, carpenters can install tiered drawers, which are essentially several shallow drawers stacked on top of one another that move independently. By opening a single drawer, you can have access to several sub-drawers, so that your spatulas, measuring cups, and wire whisks can each have their own space. 
  • Plate Pegs: With the help of plate pegs, you can create a dedicated spot for each size of plate in your kitchen. The bottom of these drawers contains a grid of holes, where you can place pegs to hold plates in place. In addition to keeping plates organized, these pegs also keep plates from sliding into one another and chipping.   
  • Tray Dividers: If you are looking for a way to keep your sheet pans, cutting boards, or glass casserole dishes organized, ask about tray dividers. These sturdy, wooden dividers can be installed vertically inside of cabinets, so that you can stash long, flat objects on their sides.  

Before you design your new kitchen, think carefully about your organizational challenges. Try to install organizers where you would use them most frequently. For example, consider having drawers with plate pegs installed near your dishwasher, so that you can unload the dishes in a hurry.  

2: Smarter Hinges

Believe it or not, built-in organizers aren't the only way that your new kitchen cabinets can make your life a little easier. Technological advances have also made it easier to keep your kitchen quieter and those doors damage-free. Here are three types of smart hinges you might adore:

  • Soft Close: Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to listen to your kids slam your new cabinets every time they open a cupboard? Soft close hinges contain a strong internal spring that absorbs impact so that those doors close softly—no matter how they are handled.
  • Self-closing: Self-closing hinges take soft close technology one step further by automatically reeling in open doors. These hinges contain a hydraulic mechanism that automatically pulls in open doors, so that your guests don't end up staring at the contents of your cupboards.
  • Wide Angle: If you use your cupboards to house kitchen appliances, then you know how frustrating it can be to retrieve rice cookers or food processors quickly. However, wide angle hinges allow doors to open as wide as 180°, so that you can load and unload large objects easily.

In addition to reducing noise and protecting your privacy, smart hinges can also protect your investment. When doors can't be slammed and you don't have to shove appliances through tight entrances, you might not have to worry as much about scratches or broken cabinets.  

By choosing beautiful, functional kitchen cabinets, you can protect your investment and keep your home more organized. For more information, contact a custom cabinetry company in your area.