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Garage Door Selection: Familiarizing With Triple-Layer Garage Doors And Their Benefits

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Did you know that your garage door makes up 30% of your home's overall aesthetic appeal, and improperly insulated garage doors also contribute to the overall heat loss of the homes? Needless to say, the type of garage doors that you choose have a huge overall impact in the appearance, durability and energy efficiency of your home, so it is crucial that you make a choice carefully. Among all of the designs and styles on the market, most professionals would recommend shelling out the extra money to get a triple-layer garage door. Here's why.

What Are Triple-Layer Garage Doors?

Triple-layer garage doors are constructed from three layers of material. A galvanized steel sheet is installed on both the outside and inside of a thick layer of polystyrene or polyurethane, which is used mainly as a backer. The presence of the galvanized steel on the outside of the polystyrene or polyurethane will help soundproof the garage doors, and also improve overall insulating abilities. The presence of the galvanized steel on the inside of the polystyrene or polyurethane will help add structural strength to the garage doors and increase soundproof and insulating abilities.

What Are Some of the Benefits That These Garage Doors Can Offer?

Triple-layer garage doors are more expensive than the single- and double-layer options, and for good reason. Here's a couple of distinct advantage that you would be able to enjoy just by merely getting a triple-layer garage door:

  • improves overall security of the home. Triple-layer garage doors have been reinforced with multiple layers of galvanized steel and tend to be a lot more secured. These garage doors are a lot harder to break as the materials will easily absorb and distribute any force upon impact.
  • energy efficiency. Since these garage doors have been properly insulated, they rarely leak energy; thus, helping you cut down on your energy bills and efficiently improves the energy efficiency of your home. Triple-layer garage doors also have a higher R-value, which is a measurement of thermal resistance.
  • soundproof capabilities. Do you enjoy your peace and quiet but live in a noisy and busy neighbourhood? Never again will you be woken up by outside noise or be interrupted when you are working in your garage. Triple-layer garage doors are able to provide soundproof capabilities that will keep the noise out. You will also find these garage doors to have extra quiet operating abilities. 
  • improved durability. You will find that triple-layer garage doors will last you a lifetime. More often than not, manufacturers will also offer longer warranty plans.
  • little to no maintenance needed. Once the garage doors have been installed, you are set. You don't have to worry about regular maintenance checks, and you won't have to spend a lot of money on maintenance or repairs in the future either.

Keep in mind that there are many different designs and styles that you can choose from to accommodate the outside appearance of your home. Triple-layer garage doors are offered in a wide range of different colours. There are different types of paint systems that can be implemented for varying results. Painting the triple-layer garage doors may improve its structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and durability. The outer surface can also be modified to mimic the appearance of other materials, like wood, for a more sophisticated and elegant feel. 


The lesson of this article is to shell out that extra money and get triple-layer garage doors instead of single or double-layer alternatives. While the initial cost may be higher, you will find that you will be saving yourself quite a lot of money and headaches in the future. Contact a professional, like those at The Garage Door Co Ltd, for more information.